Life Hack – Fall Asleep Quickly

Life Hack – Fall Asleep Quickly

Falling asleep is something that many people have trouble achieving; this trouble can range from just only taking a bit longer to fall asleep than ordinary people to being an insomniac which is unable to fall asleep.

Remove Yourself from TVs and Cellphones

Some of the common issues that people have with falling asleep can potentially be associated with how most use their cell phones or television before they go to bed. Most displays emit blue light, which is a part of the light spectrum, and blue light has the shortest wavelength in the light spectrum.

These features are part of the reason that blue light is often a contributor to digital eye strain, and there have been many studies into how blue light affects people. One way it affects people is by keeping them awake more, and this is due to how the eye is not very good at blocking out the blue light.

Immediately Jump Out of Bed After Waking Up!

The second way to train yourself to fall asleep faster is to jump out of bed as soon as possible after waking up and not return to the bed until you are ready to fall asleep for the next night. This is done to associate the feeling of your bed with sleeping subconsciously, and after training your brain, most likely over weeks, when you go to your bed, you’ll instantly start to feel drowsy and begin to fall asleep faster.

Think Of a Nice, Calm and Serene Place

A possible method that works in combination with these two other methods is to visualize a calm and serene place. This method is also called “imagery distraction,” people who use this technique generally fell asleep faster when compared to others who might have had no distraction or no kind of technique to try and fall asleep.

Imagery Distraction is commonly used to essentially “take up space in your brain” so that it is unable to sink back into the more invasive thoughts and though-patterns. This technique commonly has people imagining a calm place like a waterfall, people who want to

These patterns often keep people awake and can lead to people having an overall harder time falling asleep. This technique’s calming place is different for each person and can range from the standard waterfall to a specific area for each person.

Tell Yourself to Stay Awake

The last way technique to fall asleep is actually to tell yourself to stay awake; this method is called “Paradoxical Intention.” This technique may be perfect for people with insomnia. Studies have found that people who utilize the paradoxical intention may be more useful for people who are often stressed out by trying to fall asleep.

This technique may even be better for those people that conventional and traditional breathing techniques and methods.

These are just some of the standard methods to fall asleep, and there are many more methods available if these don’t work, but these methods have been studied and researched extensively.


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