11 Foods That CREATE Wrinkles?

11 Foods That Create Wrinkles

Everyone dreads the idea of developing wrinkled skin. While lotions and creams can help reduce some lines, experts agree the best way to prevent skin damage is from the inside out: eating a diet loaded with fruits, vegetables, and whole grains – and staying away from these 11 foods. 

Coffee. If you need more than one cup of coffee in the morning, you’ll be revving up your body, but not your skin. Coffee is a diuretic that eliminates water from the body. This dehydration can cause the skin to lose its plump, moist look. There is also some evidence that too much caffeine can thin the skin.

Alcohol. Like coffee, alcohol can also dehydrate the body. In addition to causing wrinkles, alcohol can also make your skin puffy and red.

Sugar. Sugary foods like cake, doughnuts, and candy may be delicious but they can wreak havoc on your skin. High sugar consumption can damage collagen, an important protein in the body that helps prevent skin from sagging.

Bacon. Americans eat about 18 pounds of bacon annually. And while that may sound delicious, diners may pay for it when they look in the mirror. Bacon is salty and loaded with preservatives like nitrites, nitrates, and sulfates. Not only can bacon cause wrinkles, it this greasy food may be the culprit behind acne breakouts, too.

Soda. Like other foods that are loaded with sugar, soda can damage your skin’s delicate collagen. In addition to contributing to wrinkles, soda contains phosphates that can result in breakouts. But don’t go running for the diet soft drinks just yet. Their artificial sweeteners can actually cause you to crave sweet foods – definitely a skin no-no.

Chips. Unhealthy amounts of salt and oil in a bag of chips can accelerate skin aging. Opt instead for eating a healthier snack like carrots and hummus.

Fried foods. There’s no doubt that crispy, fried foods are delicious, but most people don’t realize the frying process can release destructive free radicals that can make us age faster. Save your skin by eating foods prepared in a healthier manner such as baking.

Margarine. If you’re looking to keep your skin firm and smooth, steer clear of margarine products that have trans fats. Like saturated fats, trans fat can raise cholesterol levels and allow wrinkles to form.

Processed meats. Unlike consuming fresh meats, digging into foods like dot dogs, salami, and corned beef is bad for our skin. Meats that are smoked, cured, heavily salted, and loaded with preservatives all contribute to lines.

Salty foods. Our bodies need salt to function, but too much can make skin look puffy and create bags around the eyes. Consuming too much salt can also dehydrate the skin, causing unsightly wrinkles to appear.

Refined foods. If your skin could talk, it would tell you to stay far away from refined carbs found in foods like white bread, muffins, and pasta. These foods contain high levels of advanced glycation end products (AGEs) that can cause your skin to wrinkle and sag.


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