Soak Feet In THIS Liquid To Prevent Fungus?

Soak Feet In THIS Liquid To Prevent Fungus?

Toe fungus is something that can seemingly appear from out of nowhere. Fortunately, it can be treated very quickly before anything serious can happen. One particular liquid has shown proof of being helpful with getting rid of fungus. It’s something you’d least expect to use.

An Interesting Liquid Of Choice

When people think of apple cider vinegar, many don’t associate it with health benefits. This vinegar can help you lose weight, shrink blood sugar levels, and destroy bacteria. The process is done with assistance from acetic acid, which is only 5% of the whole product. While it’s only a small amount, acetic acid packs a massive punch. For centuries, doctors have used acetic acid to help treat cancer.

Problems On The Horizon?

If toe fungus doesn’t get properly removed, you’ll run into several issues. If you leave it alone, the fungus can hop its way across your foot. This can lead to athlete’s foot, which will bring a plethora of itching between toes. Toenails that are broken, discolored, or loose could be infected with toenail fungus.

How To Stop Toe Fungus

With soaking, you can’t use any apple cider vinegar for this to work. Find the best organic vinegar on the market before getting ready. In a bowl, fill it with one cup of apple cider vinegar for every two cups of hot water until it’s full. For 15 minutes, soak your feet in the mixture before drying them off. For the best results, be sure to do this twice a day.

If you don’t see progress, you can also get some medication to do the trick. For some people, surgery could be needed to extract the fungus. To prevent toe fungus from reappearing, be sure to wash your feet daily. Aside from washing, cut your toenails in a straight line. With clean feet, you’ll be able to rid yourself of this nuisance.


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